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Health benefits of Wood Betony


Health-benefits-of-Wild-BetonyWood Betony is the widespread identify for Stachys officinalis, which truly is a medium peak, barely bushy plant of the Lamiaceae ⁄ Labiatae (Mint household). The plant is distributed extensively all through open meadows and pastures of Europe and Asia. It grows in most of Europe, western Asia and North Africa. Within the British Isles it’s common in England and Wales, however is never present in Eire or northern Scotland. Few of the favored widespread names of the plant are Betonie, Betony, Widespread hedgenettle, Widespread hedge-nettle, Bishop’s-wort, Purple betony, Wood betony, lousewort, wild hop, Betónica, Betonica officinalis, Bishopswort, Épiaire Officinale, Épiaire Vulgaire, Stachys betonica, Stachys officinalis and Tabac des Gardes.

Genus identify Stachys comes from Greek which means “an ear of grain” referring to the spike inflorescence that appears like an ear of corn or grain. Betony comes from the Celtic phrases bew (‘head’) and ton (‘good’) which means ‘good head’ curing all head issues be they bodily or psychological. Betony which was additionally referred to as Ventonica in Roman occasions can also be considered derived from the Vettones, an historic Iberian Celtic tribe, who used and handed on the use of the herb. Romans thought the Vettones possessed “special medicinal magic that drove away bad spirits” as did Betony. It has been utilized in drugs for hundreds of years, and was written about by Dioscorides within the first century AD and was talked about by Pliny the Elder who referred to as it Vettonica.

Plant Description

Wood betony is a medium peak, barely bushy, square-stemmed, mat-forming perennial grassland perennial that grows about 30 to 60 cm (1 to 2 ft.) tall. The plant is discovered rising in grassland, rising wild in meadows, hedge banks, heath and open woods. The plant grows in a well-drained place and can react poorly to humidity, damp and tropical circumstances. It prefers a light-weight moist impartial to acid soil; it’s a attribute plant of heavy soils. The plant has mild coloured, thick and woody root that’s pretty straightforward to dig up. Stem is about 15-40 cm lengthy and are slender, sq., unbranched and furrowed.


The stalked leaves are deep malachite inexperienced, slender and ovate with heart-shaped bases, rounded ideas, and bluntly toothed margins. The floor of the leaves is textured by glands containing fragrant, bitter oils. The leaves develop extensively spaced up the stem in reverse pairs. The decrease leaves develop in a basal rosette that may winter over near the bottom, beneath snow and lifeless leaves. The plant is finely haired. Harvest the leaves earlier than the flowers bloom and dry within the solar.

Flower & Fruit

Flower is two-lipped white-purplish, organized in dense rings that type brief spikes. The corolla varieties an extended tube that ends in two lips because the higher lip is arched and decrease one is flat having three equal lobes. It has a rosette of bushy leaves with pink, white, or purple flowers that bloom from June to September. Fertile flowers are adopted by 4 brown, clean three-cornered nutlets.

Health benefits of Wood betony

Listed under are few of the favored well being benefits of consuming wooden betony herb

1. Works as Anti-inflammatory

Wood Betony has anti-inflammatory properties that assist ease the irritation of the pores and skin brought on by eczema in addition to different pores and skin circumstances. Not solely it eases any irritation to the pores and skin, however Betony may also lower how typically you might have flare-ups and the redness. The Anti-inflammatory properties are additionally unimaginable for the entire physique relating to irritation points.

2. Improves Respiratory Issues

Wood betony assist to alleviate bronchial asthma and respiratory infections like pneumonia and bronchitis. The expectorant properties of wooden betony might assist to melt the buildup of thick mucus. This can help in serving to drainage of mucus, in flip assuaging sinus congestion.

Three. Improves Kidney Perform

Wood betony shows diuretic exercise, which helps to extend urinary price. This will likely assist to take away toxins from the urinary system, in flip enhancing kidney perform. Diuretic motion of wooden betony may additionally assist to urinary tract infections (UTI).

Four. Relieves Stress

Wood betony has sedative actions, which can contribute in assuaging stress and enjoyable the thoughts. So, consuming betony tea or having its tincture after a tiring day at work might calm your frail nerves and let you unwind and get higher sleep. Its enjoyable impact on the thoughts may also be supportive to deal with nervousness.

5. Treats Oral Issues

An infusion created from the flowers and leaves of the wooden betony plant is used as mouthwash. This natural mouthwash may fit to deal with mouth ulcers, gum issues, and even throat points. It might assist to hurry up therapeutic of open wounds within the oral cavity. Natural mouthwash of wooden betony can also assist to scale back gum irritation and cease gum bleeding. Gargling with an infusion of wooden betony may additionally assist to alleviate sore throat.

An infusion of wooden betony may also be used to deal with exterior ulcers that happen on the uppermost layer of the pores and skin. As an example, a foot or a toe ulcer may be washed with this natural infusion to extend the therapeutic fee. Poultice comprised of wooden betony may assist to scale back irritation and ache related to pores and skin tears, stings, and bites. Tannins present in wooden betony show anti-inflammatory properties, the poultice can definitely assist relieve discomfort related to open wounds.

6. Alleviates Headache

Extracts of wooden betony is sort of useful for offering aid from headache. This has been attributed to glycosides, an necessary constituent of wooden betony. Rise in blood strain could also be accompanied by complications. Analysis confirmed that glycosides might assist to convey down blood strain, which can contribute in assuaging complications. Herbalists additionally advocate betony tea and tinctures for the remedy of migraines.

7. Treats Digestion Issues

Wood betony consists of good quantity of tannins; it shows astringent properties, making it good for the remedy of diarrhea. The astringency impact of wooden betony absorbs fluids from the gut, thus serving to to scale back bowel motion. So, wooden betony infuse offers anti-diarrheal impact, which can assist to deal with bowel dysfunction. Individuals with poor digestion may profit by taking extracts of wooden betony. Natural extracts of wooden betony are mildly bitter, which truly help in digestion.

eight. Lowers Blood Strain

Hypertension has been a problem for some time, and the quantity of individuals who wrestle with it’s alarming. Wood Betony has the capability to decrease blood strain.

9. Higher Circulation

Wood Betony has cleaning properties which through the years has made it acknowledged as an efficient liver and blood detox agent. In historic occasions, bloodletting was a standard method to detox. This claimed a quantity of lives. Nevertheless, when Wood Betony was found and utilized, there existed an alternative choice to bloodletting. So as a result of Wood Betony on the time was extremely efficient within the expelling toxins, bloodletting received discouraged. It’s nonetheless efficient, and we’re grateful to nature for this superb herb. Wood Betony consists of pure compounds that encourage higher circulation and the expulsion of toxins from the liver.

10. Alleviates Pores and skin Issues

Since historic occasions, wooden betony has been utilized in European nations for the remedy of edema, hives, and shingles. Herbalists over there have been recommending it for numerous pores and skin illnesses. Even nerve-related issues, a complication of shingles, are handled with extracts of wooden betony.

11. Relieves Menstrual Ache

Historically, utilization of wooden betony has been concerned in treating menstrual issues. It might assist to alleviate discomfort associated with menstrual cramps.

12. Improves Liver Perform

Wood betony is meant to take away impurities from the blood, which can contribute in enhancing the perform of liver, gallbladder, and the spleen. Herbalists within the 16th century have been of the opinion that the herb might be used to deal with jaundice.

13. Keep Psychological Health

Since historic occasions, Wood Betony was thought-about to works successfully in treating nervousness, complications, melancholy, and lots of different circumstances that had psychological sides to them. In these days, it was believed that the effectiveness of Wood Betony on this regard was associated to their supposed capability of the herb to push back ghosts, evil spirits and sorcerers as a result of they believed then that these have been the causes of such well being challenges. Properly, the herb truly did work for them.

14. Clears Pores and skin Rashes

Wood Betony works splendidly as a topical anti-inflammatory agent for treating pores and skin rashes, mouth sores, and different mucosal inflammations. Now you realize simply what to make use of to get rid of these pores and skin rashes.

15. Cures Migraines

Wood Betony is tremendous efficient in relieving sufferers of a migraine. Some individuals even use it together with Jamaican dogwood and black cohosh to deal with complications and migraines. Wood Betony leaves you free of aches in your head. This herb is simply so helpful.

Conventional makes use of and benefits of Wood Betony

  • Wood betony was at one time generally used as a medicinal plant within the remedy of a variety of issues, particularly as a nervine and tonic for treating maladies of the top and as an exterior software to wounds.
  • It stimulates the digestive system and the liver, having an general tonic impact upon the physique.
  • It’s anthelmintic, antiseptic, astringent, carminative, mildly cathartic, cholagogue, digestive, diuretic, mildly emetic, emenagogue, expectorant, nervine, sedative, sternutatory, tonic and vulnerary.
  • It’s taken within the remedy of ‘frayed nerves’, pre-menstrual complaints, poor reminiscence and pressure.
  • It may be taken together with herbs similar to comfrey, Symphytum officinale, and lime flowers, Tilia species, to deal with sinus complications and congestion.
  • Wood betony might be taken by itself, or with yarrow, Achillea millefolium, to staunch nosebleeds.
  • Pinch of the powdered herb will provoke violent sneezing and it has been used as half of a natural snuff combination within the remedy of complications.
  • It’s used within the remedy of bronchial asthma and extreme perspiration.
  • It’s helpful in hysteria, palpitations ache within the head and face, neuralgia and all nervous affections.
  • It’s used as a tonic in dyspepsia and instead in rheumatism, scrofula and impurities of the blood.
  • Wine glassful of this decoction 3 times a day proves a profit towards languid nervous complications.
  • Dried herb can also be smoked as tobacco, mixed with Eyebright and Coltsfoot, for relieving headache.
  • Pinch of the powdered herb will provoke violent sneezing.
  • Dried leaves shaped an ingredient in Rowley’s British Herb Snuff, which was at one time fairly well-known for complications.
  • Wood Betony improves urge for food and poor digestion.
  • It treats Gastric issues and Heartburn. It loosens and expels extra Higher Respiratory Tract mucus.
  • It’s helpful in relieving Colds, Continual Bronchial asthma and Bronchitis.
  • Wood Betony will increase the manufacturing and circulate of urine. It’s successfully eases Bladder issues, Kidney issues and Kidney stones.
  • It cures diarrhea and successfully treats Varicose Vein, Edema, Scrofula and Tuberculosis.
  • It is a wonderful treatment for Jaundice and Gout. It destroys and expels out worms from the Intestinal Tract.
  • It’s used within the remedy of Wounds, Cuts, Insect bites, Hemorrhoids, Exterior Ulcers and previous Sores.
  • It’s best used for sore throat and gum irritation.
  • It can be used as an ointment for cuts and sores.
  • It’s efficient within the remedy of sinusitis complications and in treating nasal congestion.

Ayurvedic Health benefits of Wood Betony

  • Acid Reflux: Put together a root decoction. Have as soon as a day. OR: Eat capsules (600 mg). Else: Have liquid extract (2-Four drops).
  • Fever: Soak One tablespoon Wood Betony in a cup of water for Three-Four hours. Drink.
  • Headache: Put together a tea from Wood Betony and Skullcap. Drink twice a day.

Culinary makes use of

  • Leaves and flowering tops make an excellent tea substitute.
  • It has all the great qualities of tea with out the unfavourable ones.
  • Can be utilized as an alternative to black tea, infusion resembles style and is caffeine free.


  • Infusion: Steep 5-15 minutes. Take Three oz. Three-Four occasions every day.
  • Tincture: Take 30-60 drops (1/2-1 teaspoon) Three-Four occasions day by day.
  • Fluid extract: Take 1/2-1 teaspoon Three occasions every day.
  • Powder: Take 5-10 #zero capsules (30-60 grains) Three-Four occasions day by day.

Totally different purposes

Aerial elements:


For common use as a relaxant and as a tonic – low doses of one tsp per cup might be taken every day. The infusion may also be utilized in therapeutic doses for relieving menstrual ache, within the remedy of migraines and different complications, to alleviate nervous pressure, or to stimulate digestion and cleanse the system. Scorching wooden betony infusion might be drunk throughout a troublesome or painful labor to alleviate the ache.


Wood betony tincture may also be utilized in the identical doses because the infusion and to realize comparable outcomes. Consuming the tincture is useful in case of nervous complications; the tincture combines nicely with the treatment constructed from lavender. The tincture can be used as a cleaning liquid in poisonous and arthritic issues.


Poultice comprised of the herb may be utilized to heal wounds and bruises on the pores and skin. This may be ready by grinding recent wooden betony leaves to a pulp.


Infusion can be utilized as an natural wash to wash and clear leg ulcers and different wounds on the pores and skin particularly if they’re contaminated.


Natural infusion is beneficial in treating mouth ulcers, numerous gum inflammations, and as a gargle in case of sore throats.

Tonic Wine

Wood betony may be made into an natural tonic wine by macerating about fifty grams of wooden betony and including twenty 5 gram every of vervain and hyssop in seventy 5 ml of white wine – this combination have to be left standing in a bottle two weeks. Doses of 1 / 4 cup per dose will deliver aid from nervous complications and psychological rigidity or different emotional issues.

Different Information

  • High quality yellow dye is obtained from the leaves.
  • Dried leaves have been used to make a reasonably yellow, chartreuse dye used to paint wool and different materials.
  • It was planted in churchyards to stop exercise by ghosts.
  • Flowers might be dried and utilized in shows.

Aspect Results of Wood Betony

Wood Betony had few unwanted side effects, because the herb appeared too good to be true. However of course, like each different herb, it’s each side. Allow us to take a superb take a look at its not-so-good sides.

Low Blood Strain

Simply as its means to decrease blood strain is a bonus, it could possibly be a disadvantage to those that are beforehand affected by low blood strain, hypotension. People who find themselves susceptible to low blood strain might have to keep away from Wood Betony as a result of it isn’t protected for them. Additionally, individuals taking drugs for hypertension ought to keep away from it, as the extent of discount of their blood strain could also be a cause to fret.

Surgical procedure Dangers

Since Wood Betony lowers blood strain, interference with blood strain management is more likely to happen throughout and after a surgical procedure. This isn’t protected. It is strongly recommended to keep away from Wood Betony about two weeks earlier than a surgical procedure to keep away from problems.

Being pregnant and Breastfeeding

Though analysis are but to find out why precisely Wood Betony shouldn’t be protected for individuals in these levels, medical specialists advise that it shouldn’t be taken by them. So pregnant and breastfeeding ladies ought to keep away from Wood Betony.















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